Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 33

Monday, Feb 2, 2009
Every year on Groundhog Day, we go to my parents' house for a yummy dinner & treats, then we watch the movie 'Groundhog Day'! We always have a BLAST and that movie is hilarious!! This year my Mom made sliders (mini hamburgers) with grilled onions on rolls, tater tots, grapes, pineapple, orange slices, lemon-limeade & brownies with vanilla & chocolate frosting. I brought the Rice Krispy treats.


So~Inkin~Cute said...

What an awesome tradition! We don't have any Groundhogs Day traditions, other than the obvious...watching the groudhog on the news! LOL! This is something I would love to do in our own family!

I think that your family is absolutely fantastic! I can just tell how close all of you are! My family is the same way.

Warm regards,

Donna said...

How fun! I love that movie too. Great photo