Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 37

Friday, Feb 6, 2009
Ginger found a soft comfortable place to snuggle - amidst my fresh clean laundry! LOL
Anything for my princess!

Day 36

Thursday, Feb 5, 2009
Felicia & Ashley getting a little time to play Rock Band 2 just before bed. They usually take turns playing the drums & singing! I think they have Eye of the Tiger and Livin' on a Prayer memorized! They LOVE those songs!

Day 35

Wednesday, Feb 4, 2009
Anson learned to write his name for the FIRST TIME!!! Hooray!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 34

Tuesday, Feb 3, 2009
Ben and I have been reconnecting with some old high school friends on Facebook. We met up with his friend, Dani, at the park and let our little ones play together. We hadn't seen her in probably 8 years! WOW! We had a great time catching up!

Day 33

Monday, Feb 2, 2009
Every year on Groundhog Day, we go to my parents' house for a yummy dinner & treats, then we watch the movie 'Groundhog Day'! We always have a BLAST and that movie is hilarious!! This year my Mom made sliders (mini hamburgers) with grilled onions on rolls, tater tots, grapes, pineapple, orange slices, lemon-limeade & brownies with vanilla & chocolate frosting. I brought the Rice Krispy treats.

Day 32

Sunday, Feb 1, 2009
Nathaniel and Felicia peeling a pomegranate. They took out each little section and shared with everyone. It took them a while to get it done, but they enjoyed every minute together!

Day 31

Saturday, Jan 31, 2009
My Dad dropped off this green *wagon* and the kids found it & had FUN playing with it. Nathaniel is wearing his rollerblades while pulling Anson. He had kicked Ashley out because it was too hard for him to pull it. So, she got on her bike and rode next to them. Ashley is reaching out to hold Anson's hand. They actually held hands for a moment, but I wasn't fast enough to capture it. They were all giggling so much it was cute!

Day 30

Friday, Jan 30, 2009
I LOVE hot cocoa {sometimes with a little marshmallow creme} in my Fabulous mug that I made (ok well I didn't make it but I painted it).

Day 29

Thursday, Jan 29, 2009
Ben is the new Webelos Den Leader and his old shirt was a little tight around the arms. So, we bought him a new one, now all he needs to do is transfer all his badges. {He sews all his own badges! He's awesome and I love watching him at work. He's so cute!} Nathaniel's excited to have his Dad be his Den Leader!

Day 28

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2009
Anson got his staples removed. He said it hurt BIG, but he did GREAT!! Then he got a lollipop & 3 stickers! It's healing wonderfully!

Day 27

Tuesday, Jan 27, 2009
The picture in the middle - I received this signed 8x10 print free from the artist David Bowman. I bought a frame and rearranged my other Christ pictures to fit it in. I think it looks beautiful!

Day 26

Monday, Jan 26, 2009
Alicia's Birthday!
Alicia (one of my BEST friends) & Me
{pic taken 6/26/2007 at Church Enrichment Activity}

Day 25

Sunday, Jan 25, 2009
I just had to document this. Ben & Nathaniel were playing a new Lord of the Rings game on the XBOX360. Ben got upset from dying several times and squeezed the controller so hard that it broke! He managed to fix it, but he also cut his finger a little when it happened. Crazy boys!

Day 24

Saturday, Jan 24, 2009
My typical breakfast - Zone bar & water.

Day 23

Friday, Jan 23, 2009
Nathaniel & Felicia both received some awards at school for their grades.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 22

Thursday, Jan 22, 2009
Anson loves playing with his play-doh that he got for Christmas.
He was so excited to show me that he *made* our family (left to right):
Dad, Mom, Nathaniel, Anson, Ashley & Felicia

Day 21

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2009
After lunch with my Mom at Subway, I went to Sprout's & bought some really fresh Jordan Almonds as a treat for the kids! I can't seem to keep my hand out of the candy jar. They're so yummy!

Day 20

Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009
The Inauguration of Barack Obama.
{44th President of the United States of America}

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19

Monday, Jan 19, 2009
The kids didn't have school today & Ben didn't have work today. So, we went hiking. We have been going to the same place for the last couple years - Usery Pass. We like to hike to the Wind Caves and hang out a while watching the squirrels & the gorgeous view. Today we did that and then also decided to continue to the top! It was a lot of rock climbing but it was worth it. The very top of the mountain was AMAZING!!! We brought our tripod, so we could get pictures like this one {on the very top}. All the kids are fantastic hikers, even our little *owie head* boy {that's what he calls it}. Today was a GOOD day :)

Day 18

Sunday, Jan 18, 2009
Just before bedtime Saturday night, Felicia lost her tooth! She always writes a really nice note for the Tooth Fairy and the really sweet Tooth Fairy always writes back! When she woke up today, Felicia had received $1 for her awesome tooth! Woohooo!!! She totally deserved it. It had a silver filling on one side (which meant she had to go to the dentist & get those nasty numbing shots) and can you see the SHARP root that was left on it?! Poor girl! This one actually hurt her coming out. She's feeling much better today! YAY :)

Day 17

* * * * * * * * W A R N I N G * * * * * * * *

Graphic photo below
If you don't like the sight of BLOOD, DO NOT LOOK!!!

Saturday, Jan 17, 2009
Remember the ROOF story from Day 16? Well, Ashley & Anson climbed the shed again. I know I know they promised, right? At least it wasn't the roof, thank goodness! Anyway, Anson slipped & fell backwards OFF the shed & landed HEAD first onto a metal patio chair armrest, split his head open & bled everywhere. Poor little guy. My Mom came over immediately to watch the other kids & ended up at McDonald's for lunch. I took him to urgent care and 3 hours later, he got 6 staples on his head. When we were done, we met them at McD's. One happy meal & ice cream cone later & he was doing OK. I think they finally learned that when I tell them something is DANGEROUS, that I really mean it. Just like our Moms always said, "It's all fun & games until someone gets hurt!" He's actually doing really good. He also says it doesn't really hurt (unless he thinks someone is going to touch it). Everyone has made their last promise that they will NEVER climb onto the shed again! I really hope so.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 16

Friday, Jan 16, 2009
I had taken a nice sweet pic of Anson & I eating a yummy lunch of grilled cheese & turkey sandwiches for today's photo. But after school, these pics took the cake. The little ones got up there first. They were having a BLAST running around & Felicia wanted to try it too. So, the kiddos *playing* on the roof {without permission} are the pic of the day! By the way, they got yelled at and are now grounded for the weekend for totally disobeying me! They also got a long lecture on the DANGERS of roof playing. They received the same lecture when Ben got home from work. Well, they had FUN while it lasted.

Day 15

Thursday, Jan 15, 2009
My Mom took Anson to McDonald's while I was at school doing my Art Masterpiece presentation for Felicia & Nathaniel's classes. We don't go to McDonald's very often, so this was a nice treat. They had a lot of FUN!

Day 14

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2009
This is our cat, Ginger.
Ashley followed her around the house & into the backyard taking pictures with her camera she got at Christmas. I think this picture is cute & Ashley did a good job taking pictures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009
I made homemade chicken & vegetable soup with grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I only cheated a little by using a store-bought rotisserie chicken. After dinner, Nathaniel decided to snack on the chicken skin. I can't understand WHY he thinks it's so yummy! Eeeewwww!

Day 12

Monday, Jan 12, 2009
We were just watching tv in our bedroom when Anson walked into the room and cuddled with Felicia & gave her big hugs. Usually I find him sitting in her lap, but this was too cute! He is such a sweetie!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 11

Sunday, Jan 11, 2009
We went for a walk after dinner & brought the dogs. However, the kids always argue over who gets to HOLD the dog leashes. So, Ben solved one of the disagreements by adding a 2nd leash on Pepper so both of the girls could HOLD Pepper! Anson was content with running alongside Nathaniel {who was holding Star}. Silly girls!

Day 10

Saturday, Jan 10, 2009
After 2 trips to Hobby Lobby {and Michaels for comparative shopping} and many visits to different cashiers to use several 40% off coupons, I have my album put together!
Oh and I also downloaded the FREE journal templates from Becky Higgins' blog.
You know, like the ones from her kit! YAY!! Thanks Becky!
I even started printing my pictures!!!
So excited to finally get this project organized!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9

Friday, Jan 9, 2009
A few years ago, my parents gave me this wooden pepper grinder {that they've had since I was a kid} because I gave them a newer electric one.
I LOVE fresh pepper!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 8

Thursday, Jan 8, 2009
Nathaniel leading the Color Guard for the first time at Pack Meeting.
Great job!!!

Day 7

Wednesday, Jan 7, 2009
So HAPPY to have these little green lights ON!!
YAY Cable internet & phone working after a couple days of off & on!!

Day 6

Tuesday, Jan 6, 2009
My 34th Birthday!

Day 5

Monday, Jan 5, 2009
Winter break over - Kids went back to school today.
Ashley & Felicia working on homework together!

Day 4

Sunday, Jan 4, 2009
Gave myself a much-needed pedicure.

Day 3

Saturday, Jan 3, 2009
My Mom gave Ashley this new kitty calendar.
We're using it to track her *dry* nights. {fingers crossed}

Day 2

Friday, Jan 2, 2009
My FABULOUS bunko prize from Julie

Day 1

Thursday, Jan 1, 2009
Anson, my little budding artist.
He suddenly LOVES drawing pictures on his magnadoodle.

Last days of December 2008

Here are the photos from the last week in December {still haven't decided if I'm going to print them & include in my album just to have a full week at a glance, beginning with Sunday}.

Last Sunday of the year - Dec 28th
Anson got this cute Serv*ant* mask from Primary
Monday, Dec 29th
Ashley enjoying our homemade Belgian waffles for breakfast!!

Tuesday, Dec 30th
We went shooting as a family {including my Dad & his friend, Dennis L}
This is ME shooting Ben's Glok
I actually got the target (esp after a few pointers)

Wednesday, Dec 31st
We invited some friends to play Rock Band 2
Julie, Lance, Ben & Me
{all the kids played together & watched the new Narnia movie while we *rocked out*}

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project 365

I have decided that this year I would join in with many others and *try* to complete this project. You can find out more about this phenomenon by clicking on the links in my sidebar at the top. Basically, it's taking ONE picture each day of the year that represents your life. Or really anything you want to take a picture of. Or it can also be a collaboration of your fave pics for that week, etc, etc. Anything can be your topic of your pictures. I have decided, so far, to take a pic of anything I want for that day. Then pick one that stands out to represent that day.

I was really hoping to get Becky Higgins' Kit of the Month 'Project 365' to help organize my printed pictures (or to make me print them out since I hardly print them). But I have missed out on it because they are sold out & may not make more, so I am trying to figure out a way that I can do it on my own. Plus I talked my Mom into doing this project too. So we are in it together!

On Becky Higgins' blog, she decided to start a couple days early so that her pages in her kit will be one whole week at a glance from Sunday thru Saturday. Others are starting theirs Jan 1st or whenever. I started a little early in case that's what I wanted to do, but not sure yet. So, SOON I will finally decide and start posting my pics that I have so far, plus a little note about the pic.

If you have any ideas or you are doing this project too, I would LOVE to see your photos. Please leave me a link.