Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 10

Saturday, Jan 10, 2009
After 2 trips to Hobby Lobby {and Michaels for comparative shopping} and many visits to different cashiers to use several 40% off coupons, I have my album put together!
Oh and I also downloaded the FREE journal templates from Becky Higgins' blog.
You know, like the ones from her kit! YAY!! Thanks Becky!
I even started printing my pictures!!!
So excited to finally get this project organized!!


ElleSquared said...

JOURNAL TEMPLATES??? I cut all mine by hand! LOL...guess I should have waited. I can't wait to start putting mine together either. Just need the page protectors and the scrapbook. Gotta wait for HL to have the good sale again.

Anonymous said...

This looks so wonderful! I will have to get this done, too! Thanks for sharing!